Ryan is a trans person with a desire to have children.
Supported by his partner David, Ryan takes the bumpy ride to parenthood.
When you meet Ryan and David on the street, both with full beards, you wouldn’t think that they could have a child together biologically. And yet, as far as they are concerned, their wish for children is fulfilled. Ryan (that/them) is trans non-binary and would like to get pregnant. Supported by his partner David (he/him), they take the bumpy ride to parenthood. An adventure that makes you think about how modern and inclusive our society really is.

Amstelveen has the largest number of Jewish residents in the Netherlands. Where the Jewish communities in the rest of the country have been shrinking for generations, Amstelveen shows exactly the opposite. A unique development. How did Amstelveen become the center of Jewish life in the Netherlands?
In ‘Beth Amstelveen’ Jewish people, young and old, devout and free, indigenous and import, tell how this came to be. We see a vibrant Amstelveen society where a sense of community predominates. A rabbi playing football, cabaret, Jewish songs, integration, love and humour, it all comes along.
Due to the horrors of the Holocaust, countless Jewish Amsterdammers no longer wanted to live in Amsterdam after the war. Amstelveen was an attractive place for them to settle because of its location and good infrastructure. This also applied to Jews from the province where Jewish life was almost completely lost after 1945.

BonteKoe Media developed this explanation about the UNESCO protocol HUL on behalf of TU Delft.
The instruction was to make a film in the Corona period about the greatly changed idea of how to deal with water and water cities during the current climate crisis.

TV journalist Peter Tetteroo tracks the earliest traces of Beethoven and finds a 1772 baptism record as his year of birth. Then he comes across a reference to …… Zutphen as Beethoven’s birthplace….. fact or fiction? Will the documentary ‘Ludwig van Beethoven – Traces from the Past’ on TV Gelderland on March 3 reveal the mystery, also known as the ‘Beethoven Myth’?

The Dutch businessman Michel Kappen and the Italian blind accordion virtuoso Valentino Zagatti are united by their passion for single malt Scotch whisky. . Just after World War II, at the age of 11, Valentino Zagatti lost his eyesight in a mine explosion. He became a professional accordionist, gave magnificent concerts and received all kinds of awards. Zagatti married and became the father of two children. One day he decided to quit smoking and use the saved money to buy a bottle of single malt Scotch Whiskey every month. A decision that eventually made him a millionaire. The unique connection between Valentino Zagatti and Michel Kappen made it possible for the Netherlands to have the most unique whiskey collection in the world.

13 years ago, director Bob Entrop made the film A PIECE OF BLUE IN THE AIR, the first film in the Netherlands to portray the murder of nearly 1 million Sinti and Roma during the 2nd World War. There is a taboo on what happened during the war, you don’t talk about it with anyone, and certainly not in front of a camera. REQUIEM FOR AUSCHWITZ is a sequel, with the most valuable moments from the first film, supplemented by the grandchildren and the creation and performance of the Requiem for Auschwitz by Sinti composer Roger Moreno Rathgeb by the Sinti and Roma Philharmoniker from Frankfurt and a Jewish choir in the Berliner Dom in Berlin, during Holocaust Memorial Day. During his visit to Auschwitz in 2020 with four musicians from the Dutch Accompanying Orchestra, Roger shows them the places that inspires him.


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