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Paul Tekenbroek. Freelance video, documentary and film editor since 1996. Freelance video, documentary and film editor since 1996. I provide offline and online TV programs and documentaries for various film and TV production companies, national broadcasters (including AVRO-TROS/NTR/VPRO/KRO-NCRV/EO/Joodse Omroep/BNNVARA) and external producers.

Activities of a documentary and film editor

An editor supports the director in making choices, comes up with solutions, masters the language of image, knows his classics well and also knows how to create his own visual language The rhythm, the music, the audio and yes also the effects contribute to the correct narration. Good editing is invisible, intuitive and rhythmically balanced, sometimes high speed and other times painfully slow. The art of omission –Kill Your Darlings-, telling just the right thing, compressing a story to its essence, is what a good editor masters.

Offline editor

You can divide the work of an editor into roughly two tasks.
An offline editor edits work that consists of preparatory work for online.

  1. Spotting the raw material, also called footage. The raw material of a film is viewed in its entirety, this is called spotting.
  2. Discuss with the director which footage should or should not be included in the film or documentary.
  3. 3. Cut raw scenes.

Online editor

An online editor does the editing work for the composition of the final story. He completes the timeline flawlessly and delivers the final story to the customer in the right way.



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